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Digital Skills - Email and Outlook


Digital Skills – Email and Outlook

Looking to reskill or upskill due to changing workplace requirements?

This course is for adult learners who need to upskill or reskill their digital abilities, either within their current work situation or for the purposes of finding new employment.

Course Duration

10 weeks

Course Type



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10:00 am
to 12:00 pm


Nicole Jackson

Classes will be held face-to-face in a classroom setting with the option of mixed-mode delivery available.

If deemed necessary, classes could be delivered via an online communication platform of the provider’s choice.

Learner workbooks will be available in both print and digital form to make online delivery easier if it is preferred or needed. Some activities have also been provided as online forms, quizzes, or polls using Google Docs or Word Forms.


It is assumed that learners undertaking this course will have a literacy and numeracy level equivalent to at least a working level ACSF 2.


Pathways to further study opportunities and possible career paths include:

  • Computer Skills Next Steps
  • Computer Skills Advanced
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Topics Include:

  • basics of internet search
  • what is email and how does it work?
  • standard email layout
  • sending emails with attachments and group emails
  • introduction to email for work
  • types of work email accounts
  • adding email signatures and setting up an auto-response
  • understanding the differences between work and personal emails
  • online safety and password protection
  • introduction to MS Outlook and its features
  • using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • email setup on phone and other smart devices.

Learners will undertake tasks in their learner workbook, along with practical hands-on completion of tasks on personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Learners will participate in whole class and small group discussions and activities to build their understanding of digital literacy and its benefits in relation to employment. These discussions can take place in person or online utilising tools such as ‘break out rooms’ to replicate face-to-face group work.

Learners will be asked to evaluate their own progress and learning techniques throughout the course.


A “Certificate of completion” is issued upon completion of this course.

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