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About Yarrawonga Mulwala Community & Learning Centre

Trainer Congratulating Adult Student


Empower individuals to live their best life.


To provide a whole range of community services that increase life opportunities, choices and skills for all people including those experiencing economic hardship.

Our Values

Community Focused

We pride ourselves on connecting people and leading the community to grow and prosper. Whether it be connecting a volunteer to services, supporting an individual that is experiencing financial hardship, providing facilities for a local group, or helping a student to gain employment; we are committed to building a vibrant community in which we all thrive.

Lifelong Learning

It’s never too late to learn something new. Knowledge is power; it unlocks opportunities, it enlightens us and gives us control across all areas of our life. We foster personal growth, create meaningful connections and support individuals to reach their potential.


Our door is always open. People can be at their most vulnerable when they come to us, we are known to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable, a place where they will be greeted with a warm welcome. We embrace and understand diversity, we provide equal opportunities and our environment is one where everyone matters.


Whether we are talking to the high or the humble, we treat everyone that we deal with equally. Dignity and kindness are at the centre of our approach; this allows people to come to us in trust feeling self-assured. We are polite and kind in our nature, we respect all individuals and value their contribution. We recognise the importance of diversity and promote equal opportunity, fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards.


We are committed to being resourceful, innovative and responsive in our delivery of training and services to the community. Evolving, being flexible and a proactive attitude are essential in adapting to change, embracing growth and progressing as an organisation.

Commited to being resourceful, innovative & responsive 

History and New Beginnings

Yarrawonga Mulwala Community & Learning Centre (YMCLC) is a not-for-profit community-based organisation with four core functions – Neighbourhood House, Adult & Community Education, Services Australia Agency, and Community Programs. 

Originally known as, Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House we opened in 1988, by 1996 we provided a  range of services, including information and referral, support groups, visiting services, social activities, and limited adult education. It wasn’t until 2006 that we became an Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

In late 2020, Julie-Anne Clarke was appointed as Executive Officer and in early 2021 we began a full review of the organisation, which lead us to adopt a new name, look, services and programs, along with 5 key strategic directions.

It is envisaged that by 2025, our organisation will have achieved:

  1. Effective Governance & Management
  2. Financial Security & Stability
  3. Recognition as a key VET Provider
  4. Strengthen provisions of Community Programs
  5. Strengthen Stakeholder Partnerships, Alliances, Satisfaction & Welfare

From July 2021 to June 2022… 

0 k
Accessed Services Australia Agency
Attended Community Programs
Accessed Food Share
$ k
Total Revenue
$ k+
New Resources Purchased
Student Enrolments
Staff Training & Development
Contributed by Board of Management and Volunteers

Our Branding Discovery Project commenced in March 2021 it aimed to:

  1. Establish a long-term Brand Strategy for our organisation, which was then know as YNH and YET, with a strong set of rules and guidelines for our brand
  2. Clearly understand who the demographics are and repositioning our brands to better match the audience
  3. Uncover areas where there is potential for growth
  4. Increase brand awareness and sales via various marketing platforms and touch points

A series of workshops with a range of stakeholders was undertaken and extensive research was conducted into the industry leaders that identified some clear areas of weakness us for. It was clear that we needed to

Reposition the organisation to make it feel modern, progressive, and high quality, so that we are seen as the community asset we are. While creating a brand that is future-proof, that allows for the anticipated growth of the organisation.

2021 was a year of reflection and planning for our organisation.

During this period we conducted an in-depth review of:

  • Our vision, mission and values
  • The position of our brand within the local community
  • Our daily behaviours and actions
  • Staff and consumer perceptions of our organisation
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
  • Industry leaders

The results of which, led our organisation to adopt a…

Our new brand, values and core beliefs will be brought to life across four key pillars of our organisation, and these will now guide our behaviours and the strategic approach of our organisation:


Our staff along with the perception of our people and how we would like to be described is essential to the experience of our stakeholders and how they describe their engagement with us.


Our product offering (courses, programs and resources) along with the way we present our services are now a reflection of our brand. Every experience our audience has with us leaves an impression on them long after their encounter with us.


Everything from our building and physical equipment, to our software and networking resources impacts the experience our audience has with our brand. Working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders and developing partnerships with stakeholders whose values are aligned with ours will ensure our facilities and infrastructure evolve with the growing needs our communities.


Building brand awareness and creating a positive brand experience is at the centre of our marketing strategy.

Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Executive Officer

Julie-Anne Clarke

Training Manager

Sharron Johnson

Office Manager

Kathy Fry

Services Australia Agent-Community Support Officer

Nicole Jackson

Training Assistant

Brenda Lawrence

Administration Assistant

Alice McKenna

Board of Management

Board of Management

Jackie Smith

Board of Management

Pamela Rudd

Board of Management

Fred Douglas

Board of Management

Joanne Spence

Board of Management

Trevor Lewin

Board of Management

Kristy McIntyre

Board of Management

Ron Kennett

Board of Management

Penne Tregenza

Careers with Yarrawonga Mulwala Community & Learning Centre