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Creative Photography


Have a camera but not sure how to use it?

This course is designed for learners with little camera or photography knowledge and will help you to develop the skills and knowledge to operate either a digital or film based SLR camera, using both full manual and automatic controls.

Course Duration

10 weeks

Course Type



Contact us for dates in 2024


4:00 pm
to 7:00 pm


Sam Jain

Pathways from this course could include further formal study in Photography, opportunities to use the new skills and knowledge in community situations and opportunity to establish a small home-based photography business.


Our Creative Photography course will help you to understand and demonstrate the use of appropriate lighting and flash use, as well as the appropriate use of filters and the aesthetics of composing & framing, all to augment the production of quality photography.

Starting from the very basics of setting up your camera, shooting in automatic mode, using the flash, this course will then build on your skills and take you through the manual settings on your camera, patterns and repetition, rule of thirds, filling the frame, leading lines, self-portraiture, planned shoots and editing terminology and editing programs.

The course also covers developing a simple business plan to establish a home-based photography business if your passion for photography is more than just a hobby.

Our smaller class sizes for this course provide a very supportive environment to learn in and gain valuable verbal feedback from your peers and our trainer to refine your photography skills.


Students will build a portfolio of photographs over the 7-week period which they will share with their trainer and peers each class.

There is no formal written assessment for this course.

Learners complete a pre and post-program learner survey to self-assess their knowledge, skills and confidence levels.


A “Certificate of Participation” is issued upon completion of this course.

Yarrawonga Mulwala Learning Centre